Best Online Guitar Lessons For Kid's

Guitar classes for kids are now available online. This is great news for kids and parents who want to keep their children occupied in a fun way, without stressing over the perils of an actual learning experience. 

Why Conventional Lessons Don't Suit Everyone


Finding a qualified teacher, booking lessons and travelling too and from classes can be rather tedious for parents and children alike. This can sometimes taint the learning experience, and in some cases music lessons just get placed on hold. In a world where computers and devices are easily accessed, time can certainly saved by taking online classes.

A website with 3000 guitar videos for $9.99 a month might sound like a great deal but it really does not suit a young beginner who needs clear structure and guidance. Most guitar teaching websites are aimed at adults and they see value in the “netflix approach” to learning. Unfortunately it just leads to distraction in most people. YouTube is free but yet again kids get sidetracked easily or just dont know where to start. Finding a website where content is locked down and structured is more then often the best approach.

What should I be looking for ?

You can find a number of online guitar classes for kids, but which ones are best?

Their are some some great websites when it comes to online guitar lessons. Sites like jamplay , truefire and guitar tricks all have a great reputation when it comes to adult learning however they don’t really cater for children specifically.  To get the most from your child’s guitar learning experience, it is important to look for an instructor with a good reputation. Online guitar lessons for kids should use video tutorials and feature personalised instruction. They usually begin with the basics of posture, learning the string names, tab, warm-up exercises before moving onto more advanced guitar techniques, such as strumming or changing chords. Kids Guitar Dojo take all this a step further with graphics and animations inserted into videos and learning materials. 

Fun and Engaging


It is important to choose beginner guitar lessons for kids that incorporate fun activities to keep the learning experience alive and interesting. At kids guitar dojo we use gamification, badges and quiz question to further the learning experience. Daily practice routines are laid out clearly and badges are awarded when students watch videos and play along with backing tracks.

Quiz questions are rewarded with dojo dollars as further incentive with cartoon animations used inside videos to clearly outline important fundamentals. 

Training Wheels For The Guitar

The fastrack fretboard system is our own  unique training aid and only available on our website. A simple concept which has been praised by university doctorates in children’s music education. To put it simply children are visual learners and this has proven to speed up the learning process. Training wheels of course are meant to come off and at that point kids understand the basics of fretboard navigation. The point is they start making music from the get go, getting familiar with the fretboard positions and string names. Quiz questions reinforce their memory as fingers make the muscle memory movements. Guitar teachers and primary school teachers love the fast track fretboard system as verbal instructions are easily made avoiding initial confusion about string names and fretboard positions.

Your Kids Are Safe At Kids Guitar Dojo

We ensure that all content posted on is 100% friendly for kids of all ages.

At Kids Guitar Dojo we take internet safety very seriously, particularly in regards to child safety and appropriate content. All of our site content is approved by Australian Gov bodies and all teachers hold the appropriate working with children checks and cards.
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